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For any organization, Visual Possibility© provides and guarantees 100% outsourced solutions. These services include…

I. Design

Visual Possibility© will help you identify rich media assets for your products or services based on your requirements. The content can be customized to stimulate the aesthetics of your existing website or Intranet.

II. Production

Involves 3 stages, PRE-PRODUCTION: scripting, storyboards etc.; PRODUCTION: shooting video, recording audio, graphics development; and POST-PRODUCTION: editing, mixing, graphics programming and encoding.

III. Encoding

Encoding is based on the distribution channel.

For Internet, we employ Macromedia© Shockwave or Flash. These plugs-ins have a good browser penetration (Flash - 96% and Shockwave 20% to 60% depending on version). Also the content is optimized for both broadband and narrowband environments.

For Intranet, a study on the type of network connection and client machines are required. Powerful and flexible plug-ins with high bandwidth optimized content is possible.

DVD's are proving to be a premier medium for distributing high quality high quantity content.

IV. Content Management and Distribution

Visual Possibility© embraces and will continue to utilize the latest technology and developments in the production and distribution of its rich media solutions. Distribution concepts like Akamai© that push the content closer to the user based on the user's geographic profile will be employed.

For example, if a user logs from Spain, the Spanish language version is pushed by default.

V. Digital Rights Management

Our clients hold the rights to the content we create. They will decide how we distribute the content, i.e via internet, intranets or DVDs.

VI. Storage and Hosting

We store and host rich media content on high capacity media optimized servers close to the internet gateways.

VII. Network Monitoring and Management

The networks we operate are managed by a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in rich media hosting.

VIII. Advertising Insertion

Inserting advertisements and promotions on the rich media content is possible. Preferred lists of vendors, links to online coupons etc can be provided.

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