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Visual Possibility© is a collaboration of audio-visual technicians, graphic designers and information technology professionals.

Visual Possibility© is headquartered in Chicago. It has at its disposal state of the art production house in Chicago with facilities that include software, hardware, film & video equipment and studio floors to execute pre-production, production, post-production for video, audio and 3D graphics contents.

Rich Media Content

Visual Possibility, Inc. produces and distributes rich media solutions that are:

  • Developed for a myriad of services, industries and products ranging from cellular phones, electronic equipment, heavy machinery, other internet enabled and wireless devices, self assemble furniture etc.
  • Multi-lingual
  • Designed and developed using the latest in Software and Hardware Technology
  • Catered to broadband and narrowband user
  • Distributed through the internet, intranet, DVD, Video-CD, CD-ROM.
Professional Services

Visual Possibility, Inc. comprises of consultants and IT specialists who can provide
  • Planning & strategy consulting;
  • Desktop, network & server migration services;
  • Management of daily operations; and
  • Outsourced programming & software services
Film and Video

We believe that the future distribution of audio visual content will be as files. The more traditional distribution mechanisms will be gradually replaced by online distribution.

Visual Possiblity, Inc provides a full service state of the art digital production service that provides cutting edge feature length films, documentary, experimental videos and other multimedia projects for commercial and entertainment purposes. Besides pursuing traditional modes of distribution, with its digital and IT expertise, Visual Possibility is capable of encoding and compressing then content for distribution to an unlimited audience over the internet.

For client outreach and marketing purposes, we also have offices in New York and Atlanta.

Our production and marketing efforts are co-ordinated by Concept Software and Services, Atlanta in association with our Business Development team in Chicago.


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