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For Industry
21st century Internet users have come to expect more than just static text and images. Adding Rich Media Content to your web site or intranet is the solution. By attracting attention and stimulating retention, it ensures...

Multilingual global solutions
Reduction in product returns for manufacturers
Reduced CRM costs for organizations
Effortless browser based experience for your customer
Flexible as instructional and training solutions

Please view our online demonstrations. You will need the latest Macromedia Flash Player 6 to see the demos. Installation will take less than a minute with a dialup connection.

NOKIA - Visual FAQ's and interactive guides for complex consumer products can minimize customer returns and decrease demands on your customer service operation. Here we present a guide prepared for a wireless telephone.

View the Nokia 6185 Demo.

IKEA - Our visual CRM solutions improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat sales. Here we present a post-sales solution, an interactive guide on how to assemble Ikea's popular IVAR chair.

View the Ikea Ivar Demo.

Visual Possibility provides you with a 100% outsourced solution for rich media content that enables to reap all its benefits without it being cost-prohibitive or worrying about up front investment.

Our team combines film & TV production aesthetics & procedures with state-of-the-art web media technologies to produce intuitive and compelling content that is virtually seamless with your existing web design.

The content is accessible to both broadband and dial-up users and its modular structure enables effortless multilingual support. Because we distribute the content, demands on your IT team is limited to adding an HREF link to our servers.

Please visit our Service Details page to learn about the entire range of services we provide or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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